How Does an Epsom salt bath work?

They are readily absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream. The skin is a porous membrane that absorbs them and removes the toxins.

When added to bathwater, these salts stimulate a process known as reverse osmosis, which eliminates salt and the dangerous toxins from the body, leaving space for the magnesium and sulfate to enter the system.

Magnesium is extremely important for more than 325 enzymes, soothes inflammation, enhances the function of nerves and muscles, boost blood flow and the oxygenation throughout the entire body.

Sulfates are needed for healthy skin, nervous tissues, and joints. This mixture removes toxins and aids build key protein molecules in the brain tissue and joints.

Epson salts restore the sulfates and magnesium levels of the body. When combined, the body eliminates toxins more easily and aids the process of building crucial protein molecules in the joints and brain tissue.

Using Epsom salts on a regular basis can improve the symptoms of a number of health conditions, like:

– Toenail fungus
– Athlete’s foot
– Sprains
– Gout
– Muscle soreness
– Bruises

Furthermore, taking regular baths with Epsom salts is good for those suffering from chronic pain or chronic disease since it improves the sulfur and mineral balance in the body.

Note: avoid using these salts if you are pregnant, have burns or open wounds on your skin, or if you are dehydrated. Moreover, people suffering from a heart disease need to consult a physician before starting to use them.

How to Make Yourself an Epsom salt bath?

You will need 40 minutes to perform this, 20 minutes for toxins elimination, and 20 more minutes for mineral absorption. Fill your bath with warm water and add Epsom salts in the following amounts:

– Children below 60 lbs – ½ cup of salts to a standard size bath;
– People between 60-100 lbs – 1 cup to a standard size bath;
– People between 100-150 lbs – 1 ½ cup to a standard size bath;
– People between 150-200 lbs – 2 cups of salts to a standard size bath.

For each 50 lbs, add ½ cup of salts more.

Bonus Tips:

– You can also add half a cup of olive oil in your bath water since the oil is rich in polyphenols that can provide your skin with excellent antioxidant benefits.
– Or consider adding a tbsp to half a cup of cayenne pepper or ginger to your bath water. Moreover, they can elevate your heat levels, thus helping your body sweat out any toxins.
– It is not recommended to add soap in your Epsom salt bath, since it negatively affects the detoxification process and mineral absorption.
– It is advisable to rest for about an hour or two after taking the bath. However, in case you suffer from arthritis, you should stay active in order to prevent congestion in your joints.