Four years ago, an unfortunate man was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes and was prescribed a special therapy which he was required to take every day. However, he refused to believe the doctors and decided to cure his diabetes naturally. He started consuming raw fruit and vegetables and even the doctors were shocked by his incredible and fast recovery!

The man discovered that he had diabetes unintentionally – he was feeling thirsty all the time and decided to check out the symptom at the doctor. As it turns out, his blood sugar levels were at 29, with his doctor saying that his pancreas was no longer functioning properly. He was prescribed insulin shots for the rest of his life, and started taking them immediately. He also started exercising regularly and leading a healthier lifestyle.

However, his condition became worse after a while – his triglyceride levels and blood pressure increased and he was feeling unwell. That’s when he decided to turn a new page in his life.

On New Year’s Eve, the man saw a show called “The edge of science” on TV in which Dr. John Zirdum talked about how he was consuming only raw food in the last 12 years. Seeing all the benefits from that kind of diet, the man decided to start juicing and treat the disease.

It wasn’t easy in the start – he was tempted a lot during the first week, but managed to overcome everything and the results were visible soon. His blood sugar levels dropped to 5, which is why he decided to abandon the insulin shots. In 25 days, the young man lost 11 kg. and the weight loss didn’t stop there! In just 4 months, he lost more than 20 kg., completely got rid of insulin shots, while his blood sugar levels, blood pressure and triglyceride levels were all stable and within the optimal range. He felt happier and more satisfied than before.

Here’s the recipe which helped the man defeat diabetes:


2 apples

2 kiwis

A handful of kale

5 bananas


Put all the ingredients in a bowl then pour half a liter of water over them and leave the mixture overnight.

Drink half a liter of the mixture in the morning, and drink the rest throughout the day. Besides the juice, you should eat fresh fruit and salads as well as tuna due to the high vitamin B12 content. The diet won’t make you feel hungry and you shouldn’t experience any cravings.

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