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HAPPIER THAN EVER Obese 16st teen loses half her body weight on ‘miracle’ diet… and she still eats cheese and chocolate


A TEENAGER who lost half her body weight looks unrecognizable after following a diet which allows you to eat whatever you want – including cheese and even chocolate.

Martina Angeloska, 18, from the Macedonian capital Skopje tipped the scale at an unhealthy 16 stone and was extremely unhappy.

“I was very sad, I couldn’t find clothes that fit me, I was crying every day,” the youngster recalled.

“Many of my friends were telling me that I was beautiful even with the extra pounds, but I knew that I had to do something.”

Martina decided to embark on the “chrono-nutrition” diet after her friend recommended it.

Also known as the “Chrono diet”, which has become a major hit over the years, it doesn’t ban eating unhealthy foods.

“I was very sad, I couldn’t find clothes that fit me, I was crying every day” – said Martina Angeloska,

Chocolate is not off the menu – as long as it is eaten at the right time.

The only rule to follow is simple – three meals a day and between them, there should be a gap of approximately five hours to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels in the body.

She joined a Facebook group where people who were on the same diet gave each other encouragement and advice.

“I looked at pictures of people who were losing weight and I got myself motivated,” she said. “At the beginning, it was really hard, but I made it.

“The first few months, I didn’t lose even a single pound, but I noticed that my waist was getting thinner and that’s why I decided to keep going.

“Soon after that, the scales began to show that I was losing several pounds.”

The 18-year-old says she’s never felt better after losing more than eight stone

In just a year, Martina lost more than eight stone and says she’s never felt better – now weighing a healthy eight stone.

Her diet includes a breakfast consisting of sugar-free lemonade then half-an-hour later some lettuce, two boiled eggs, olives and some homemade bread.

What is a Chrono diet?

  • Chrono nutrition, developed by French nutritionist Dr. Delabos, is based on the idea of “respecting the body’s natural rhythms”.
    You can eat what you like, but only at fixed times of the day.
    So rather than cutting out certain foods, this diet puts different food groups in different meals.
  • The day starts with a hearty breakfast including animal fats, followed by a dense, protein and carb-based lunch, a sweet snack in the afternoon and a light meal in the evening to prevent excess calories being stored overnight. Dark chocolate is allowed every day, but not after 5 pm.

Five hours later, she would have lunch which could include meat, vegetables or soup.

And then a light dinner five hours later, where she could have green vegetables, grilled courgettes, mushrooms or egg whites.

Martina believes she has proved that the diet works but confessed she has since stopped following its rules and now only focuses on leading a healthy lifestyle.

She added: “If you want to lose weight look at yourself in the mirror and bring yourself to a decision. When you do that, do your best to stick to it even when it gets real hard.

“When you think that you’re not getting any results, just keep going and be persistent.”

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