The basis of this cough treatment lies in natural process, which have been used since long time ago.

Honey possesses high biological activity, so the coating has the power to throw out the multitude which is accompanied by strong attacks of coughing.

The honey coating method is great mean for eliminating the cough, literally in one night. Recommended for children and adults.

Ingredients and supplies:

– Honey
– Flour
– Vegetable oil
– Gauze
– Napkin
– Patch


Mix clour with small amount of honey to get to the coating mixture. The mixture should not stick to hands. You can add some vegetable oil and re-strain the mixture into flour.

Place the mixture on a napkin and wrap it in gauze. Place it on the chest or on the back using the patch.

NOTE: Be careful not to put the coating over the section of the heart

Leave the coating to act 2-3 hours, preferably while the child is asleep, and adults can hold it all night. For additional effect you can add some mustard powder at the adults’ coating. During this time occurs active sweating and the bedding can become damp.

Such honey coatings have good anti-inflammatory effect and slight warming effect.  Visible results that it works will occur in the initial stage of the disease, which passes without complications.

The treatment can be repeated several days in a row, but even after the first night you’ll feel significant improvement.

When are you allowed to use the honey coating?

When coughing, honey coating can be applied in children older than 6 months. The child must not have skin disease or injury to the skin.

You should take care that the child doesn’t have allergy to bee products. You can check this by putting small amount of honey on the child’s body.

If there’s redness or swelling, it means that there is an allergic reaction, in this case honey coatings would be contraindicated.

 It is also not recommended if the child’s temperature is higher than 37 degrees.
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