This type of health condition can be a real treat for both men and women. The main cause for this type of condition is usually in our immune system, a type of white blood cells called – lymphocytes T. Let me explain this for you – in the process of the cell renewal of the skin, the cells usually rise to the surface of the skin and replace the dead cells. Well, this process usually takes about 1 month, but in psoriasis this process is done to quickly and the cells accumulate in the skin surface. The good thing about this disease is that it’s not contagious. But, the bad thing is that there are many different treatments for this condition, but they all have some kind of side effects and they are ineffective as well.

How important Vitamin D is in the case of psoriasis?

You should always check your Vitamin D levels. A recent study has found that Vitamin D is very important in preventing autoimmune diseases, just like psoriasis. They also found that treatments with Vitamin D inhibit the inflammatory response that triggers this condition. You should always try to maintain an optimal level of Vitamin D. this study recommends that the daily value should be 50 and 70 ng. This value can help in the treatment of psoriasis.

How to increase the Vitamin D levels:

Well, sufficient amount of Vitamin D can help your body maintain healthy levels of calcium and phosphorus, and to keep your bones healthy, to control the cell division and improves the immune system as well. Staying out on the sun can increase the Vitamin D levels, but you should be careful, because if you have sunburn – you can make the condition even worse.

There are lotions and creams with Vitamin D as well. They are applied directly on the affected area. We can also say that the UVB phototherapy is another effective way to treat psoriasis. You can use Vitamin D supplements to treat psoriasis, but you should know that there is no scientific evidence that they actually work. Well, if you choose to take these supplements, you should combine them with Vitamin K2 and magnesium, to optimize their function and to promote the health benefits.

You should know that the optimal levels of Vitamin D are extremely important because a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many different diseases, such as: depression, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, bone problems, etc. It’s very simple – just go out on the sun for 30 minutes, or just grab some Vitamin D supplements. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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